Saturday, August 16, 2014

Garden Blogger Bloom Day - August 2014

Welcome to my one day late Garden Blogger Bloom Day for August 2014.

Here is Ohio, US we have hardiness zone 5b and I can tell you that all in all we had an awesome summer for gardening.
I was a much lazier gardener than last year so weeding still needs to be done, deadheading, and splitting but I can tell you this:  I loved this summer in the garden!  I strongly agree with Carol at May Dreams gardens that this has been the best summer in a long long time.

There are three beds in my garden that you can't pass by without noticing: The Roses Bed in the back by the patio, the Outside Path Bed which leads to the patio and in front of the house to the North is the North Front Bed loaded with July and August blooming plants.  So lets start the tour, shall we?

Roses Bed on august 16, 2014