Sunday, March 2, 2014

Low views of the Gardens

Welcome to a long long tour of our 2013 gardens located in Hudson, Ohio hardiness zone 5b.
I gave you a glimpse of the our gardens in the High views of the gardens post a while back. I will now give you the Low views of our gardens. Pay attention to the names of all the garden beds! There will be a test at the end of this post. And please appreciate the "creativity" (or lack of) in naming all our beds !

Entering the back yard gardens from the garage -  picture taken 2013

Here is a picture from first gardening season - summer  of 1999 when we started. Even the white pot, and the impatiens in the far view,  the sedums in the close view were planted by us before we took this picture!
Path to the patio with "Outer path bed" and "Inner path bed" in May 
Close-up on the Candelabra Japanese  Primroses or  Primulas Japonica
The "Trillium Bed"in early spring 
Backyard viewed from the right side

New in 2013: "Shade Path" in the back left border

 "Kids Fountain Bed" in May
The outside border of the "Shade Woodland Bed"
"Front North Bed"

Crab Apples in full bloom on the sides of the driveway

Early Summer

Arbor to the back yard gardens with "Right Arbor Bed" and "Left Arbor Bed"
"Right Arbor Bed" in June
"Left Arbor Bed" in June

Backyard back beds

"Trillium Bed" early summer

"Kids Fountain Bed" early summer

Back side of the "Roses Bed" and "Outer path Bed"

Opposite view of the back side of the "Roses Bed"
Path to the patio with  "Outer Path Bed" and  "Inner Path Bed"

A small interruption in the our scheduled programing to show you a view of this path and garden beds  around it in spring of 1999 when only Gardeners existed. No kids! No gardens!
Bones of the Path and Patio beds in spring of 1999 when we started
Front side of the "Roses Bed"  (from the patio sitting area)
Turning the camera just a little to the left, the "Sun Room Sunny Bed"
"Central Back bed"

"Shade path bed" in the Back border (left of the "Central Back bed")
"Kids Fountain bed" in early summer with the "Shade Woodland bed" behind it

Sun room shade path. At the end is the "Large Shed Bed"

Path to the back yard patio - view from the mud room door

Late Summer
Arbor in July with "Left Arbor bed" and "Right Arbor bed"
The "Day lilies bed" from left -  behind the Arbor shown above

"Day lilies bed" from the front
The path to the patio
"Outer path bed" in August

Heavenly summers!
"Kids fountain bed" in August
"Sun room sunny bed"
Sun room entrance
Veggie garden area

"Front North bed"
I hope you enjoyed this longer post with Low Views of our gardens in Spring and Summer. So here is the testing question to see if you read any captions:

In the comments area bellow, please list the name of the Gardeners with kids bed that has the most  words in it !  (hint: check again the captions in Bold font between the commas). Who ever gets this correct is invited to visit our gardens in person this summer and pick flowers or get a start plant from the bed with the most words in its name.

High Views of the Gardens can be found in this post HERE
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  1. What a wonderful garden. I love the originality of your naming the different beds and areas. I have the North Lawn Bed, the South Lawn Bed, the Shed Bed, the Daylily Bank, the Rose Bank AND the Rose Walk. You have so much more, and shade! Beautiful post.

  2. I might fail the factual question (my answer is "Sun Room Sunny Bed") but I give myself an A+ in enjoying your pictures. What a wondrous transformation your property undertook over the years.

  3. Well Daniela, this was a trick question, maybe unintentionally. You have listed TWO beds with the same number of words, according to your hint - "sun room sunny bed" and "the kids fountain bed" (the latter one in the May photo). Too bad I am too far away to visit! But I enjoy it all in the photos anyway.

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments. I didn't mean to create a tricky question for anyone. I corrected my mistake and now there is only one Bed name with 4 words in it! List the name and you are set to pay us a visit this summer!

  5. Michaele and GrannieM: I can't wait to have you visit my gardens this summer!