Sunday, November 3, 2013

High views of the gardens

I've been blamed over the years that I take too many pictures of plants and the gardens and less of the kids and friends. The thing is,  the garden changes so rapidly that I feel that there are never too many pictures to keep me satisfied during the cold months. This year I think that I over did it again with about 2000 pictures taken from January 2013 till November.

My  favorite new angles that I used in pictures this year are from the upstairs windows. I wish that I did it every month and see how the garden changes from that point of view. Check-out some of the high views taken early summer! It makes sense to use them when the garden has continuous flow around the property and house. It made sense to do it this year because the gardens were more mature.
Front left - May 2013

Front center - May 2013

Front right -early May 2013
Back left - early May 2013
Back left - early June 2013

Back right - early May 2013
Back right - early June 2013

Back center - mid May 2013

Veggie Garden - it was very late on the roof 
So what do you think about the high views of the garden? Have you photographed yours like this? If not, try it! You may be surprised of what it shows!


  1. I love this does add a sense of dimensionality and scale. All these pictures show how especially beautiful and fresh the color of green is in the spring.

    1. I agree Michaele! The fresh color green in the spring is unmatched by any other season!