Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blue in our garden

Soft blue, dark blue, indigo blue. There are many kinds of blue in the garden.

Blue brings the feel of a water in the garden. Or it reminds us a clear blue sky which we don't have very often here in Ohio. Dark blue reminds me of our kids blue eyes when they were newborn. Unfortunately their eyes changed too fast to brown. There is such honesty in the color blue, such trust and stability. It is a cooling color for the bright yellows, oranges and reds in garden combinations. It calms us and brings us some tranquility.
Blue flowering plants start really early in our garden with the emergence of Scilla and Muscari in April.
Siberian Squill or  Scilla siberica (bulb)-April

 Grape Hyacinths or Muscari (bulb) - April

Forget-me-not or Mysotis arvensis -April

Siberian Bugloss or Brunnera  - April

Dutch Hyacinth (bulb) - May

Lungwort or Pulmonaria longifolia  "Bertram Anderson" - May

Spanish Bluebells or Hyacinthoides hispanica - May

Buggleweed or Ajuga Reptans - May

Here is a spontaneous combination of Bugleweed with Golden Dead Nettle - May

Jacob's Ladder or Polemonium reptans - April to June

Siberian Iris - May

Widow's Tears or Tradescantia (unknown variety) - May

Widow's Tears or Tradescantia "Sweet Kate" - June

Cornflower, Bachelor's Button or Centaurea "Montana Blue"- May 
This is the only flowering perennial we found on the property when we moved here and it is deer resistant

Columbine or Aquilegia "Blue Star" - May to June

Catmint or Nepeta fassenii 'Walker's Low' - May to October

Torenia -a gorgeous annual that I plant at the edge of the rose bed and in pots

Lobelia is another splendid annual that provides a wonderful cobalt blue but melts too fast in the summer 

Bellflower or Campanula persicifolia  "Takion Series" - June

Sage or Salvia nemorosa"Lyrical Silverstone" - June

Hardy Cranesbill or Geranium " Rosanne" or "Jolly Bee" - June

                                                  Hardy Cranesbill or Geranium " Johnston Blue" - June

Delphinium  "M.F. Blue" - June to July

Balloon flower or Platycodon "Sentimental Blue" - June to September

Stokes' Aster or Stokesia Laevis "Blue Danube" - July

Hardy Ageratum or Eupatorium cinumoelest - September to October

Plumbago or Ceratostigma plumbaginoides - September to October

I hope that you enjoyed this post from the series Plant Portraits by Color! Please leave some comments so that I know you visited. Next Tuesday I will start sharing the Yellow blooms in our garden.


  1. Seems like my comment just got gobbled up and never appeared. I'll try again...

    So much for the blues connoting sadness...your bounty of blues filled me with joy.

    1. The blue skies do make me sad sometimes because they remind me of my dad who passed away 10 years ago and enjoyed outdoors and sunny skies! Blue flowers, never make me sad!
      Thanks Michaele for continuing to stick with me and helping not feel alone in the blogging world!

  2. Dear Daniela,

    I was delighted to DISCOVER your blog today and for a while I was visiting your beautiful corner of paradise, thanks to all the magical photos you've posted.

    To praise what others have already praised, it's equal to almost nothing... but on what I can emphasize, is on the joy and contentment you can give with your blog to all your readers and followers! Your friends can consider themselves really lucky to come, visit and help you all in the garden! And the most important thing: to recharge their batteries with a lot of beneficial energy!

    I am sure that nobody in your family knows how is it to be BORED, DEPRESSED OR SAD! The garden would give you always ENERGY, JOY, HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT!

    You are blessed to have such a beautiful soul and family! When we would buy a house, here in Sydney, I would invite you and your family to help us in organizing the garden. And to bring us some tomato and red onion seeds from your garden - the ones only in Fagaras gardens you can find :)


    Veronica sora lui Anca

    1. Veronica

      What a surprise! I have visitors to the garden all the way from Australia! Oh my! I am happy that you found this blog. It is new but I've been hard at work trying to share some of the beauty we surrounded ourselves with! As many gardeners say this garden is work of love!
      I recently saw pictures of you and Anca on facebook! You haven't changed since I've met you and it looks like you are settled for good on the other side of the world! When you start your garden, we will be very happy to come, visit and help you design it! We've done this before for our friends and neighbors many many times!
      The words I AM BORED do come out of my kids mouths a lot this time of the year! I blame it on the lack of Garden and cold weather (:) I never get bored just anxious around end of January to March itching to get out in the garden and play.
      Thanks for all your nice words! Come back again!

  3. Some great ideas in here I have to research and see if they will be okay in zone 3 semi-shade. I hope I find a few!

    1. Thanks! You will find some for sure. Delphinium and Polemonium (Jacob's ladder) are two that will work.. first one needs like 5 hrs of sun, second thrives with only 2

  4. Loved the whites! And your blues are equally beautiful! Thank you Daniela. May (aka GrannyMay from GPOD)

  5. Just an extra comment to say that I love taking these color journeys with you. Were you already an accomplished gardener before your father passed away 10 years ago or would he be amazed at the passionate plant person you are now?

    1. Thanks so much for sharing some of your wonderful journey. Life is often filled with surprises, isn't it?!