Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Record Early Spring -February 2017

Here in Ohio (zone 5b) we had a mild winter in spite of all the forecasts that said this winter will very cold because last summer was very warm.  Oh well! We are not complaining... just worrying  a little about the effects this early winter will have on farmers' crops.  Skiers in Ohio didn't complain about this winter much. They had enough snow and enough cold days too. Spring is here super early this year and that is super exciting for us gardeners! Possibly 2-3 weeks earlier than a normal early spring. We had signs of spring as early as February 1 reason so I had to go back and document this rare event in today's post. 

Besides the temperatures being warmer that normal, I first noticed the simple Snow drops blooming as early as February 6. 
Snow drops or Galanthus Elwessii
Then one variety of iris bloomed (don't know what happened with the three other iris varieties that bloom last year)
Iris histrioides "Lady Beatrix Stanley"
Behind the sunroom, the witch hazel was in full bloom on February 22...maybe earlier but I didn't check.
Witch hazel

After I checked out the witch hazel's blooms I also entered the veggie garden and lifted the row covers. Well well well! We had plenty for a meal!

Swiss Chard

So I am running back in the house for a bowl and clippers to harvest some greens and I see violas in bloom! These ones seeded themselves during last summer and I was curious how they will survive the winter.  More than a dozen are happily blooming right where I would normally grow tulips in the ground (but not this year). I love my freebies violas!
As I am finishing this post, it is now March. More signs of spring are here so stay tuned for a couple posts on starting seeds, veggie garden planning and looking back at successes and failures of last year's garden.