Monday, October 28, 2013

Romanian Eggplant Salad

As promised earlier this month, here is my recipe for Romanian Eggplant salad. It is a success every time we make it for company or parties.


2 Eggplants
1 teaspoon salt
30 mls or ¼ cup vegetable or olive oil
1 tbs light mayonnaise or 1 tsp sour cream
1 finely chopped small yellow onion

Buy very dark skin, narrow and long eggplants for best grilling results.
Grill the 2 eggplants on the gas or charcoal grill. This process will burn the skin well and give the best flavor. If you don't have a grill, you can bake them in the oven or grill them right on the top of the stove.
Grill the eggplants until they have crunchy and broken skin on the outside and the inside is soft when pressing with juices coming out (about 15 minutes).
Place the eggplants to cool and drain on an inclined plate or board. You want as much of the juice out as possible so that the eggplants do not turn black inside by oxidation of the juices. Peal the skin off the eggplants while still warm without removing and loosing any of the inside especially the layer right under the skin which has the most flavor.
Chop the warm eggplants to a creamy consistency in a chopper (you can also do it on a wood board with a long plastic knife)
Place the chopped eggplant in a bowl (stay away from metal-it will oxidize your eggplant). Start mixing in the oil very slowly (add few drops and mix...)
Mix in the mayonnaise , sour cream, salt, and chopped onion. add more salt and black pepper to your taste. Place the salad in the refrigerator to chill for 1 hour.
Serve cold or at room temperature by spreading it on freshly baked Artisan, Italian or French bread slices with red peppers or tomato slices on top (optional).

Bon appetite! 

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