Friday, December 6, 2013

Purple in our garden

Royalty, wealth, magic and mystery are some of the meanings of color purple according to the various sites I visited! Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red.
There are many kinds of purple flowers in our garden. Some flowers are light  purple as mauve, lilac and lavender. Some are more blue or indigo and some are deep reddish purple almost burgundy. I will separate  the grape purple and show it with the burgundy posting.

The first purple flowers in our perennial borders appear as early as April with ephemeral native plants as:
Claytonia virginica - April

Viola odorata - April

Primula - April

Grecian Windflower or Anemone Blanda - April
Note: this one looks more purple in the garden; the camera is not always capturing the purples right

Viola mix - April

Wild Geranium, Cranesbill or Geranium Maculatum - May

Alium Giganteum "Giant Purple" -May

"Bloomerang" Purple Reblooming Lilac - April

Geranium annual or Pelargonium 

Columbine - this one looks more purple when in bud then changes to indigo purple when openned

Siberian Iris- May

Dame's Rocket or Hesperis Matronale - May

Tradescantia -May

Widow's tears or Tradescantia  "Concord Grape"- June

Lupine with Clematis -May

Clematis "Marie Louise Jensen"- May to July

Russell Lupine - May to July

Wisteria frutescens "Amethyst Falls" - May

Tulip - May

Columbine or Aquilegia -May

Iris - May

Columbine or Aquilegia ‘Dragonfly’ mixture - May to June

Pansy - May to June

Sweet Iris or Iris Pallida Variegata -May

Rhododendron "Roseum Superbum" -May

Bearded German Iris

Johnny-Jump-Up Viola or Viola tricolor - April to July, September-October

Bearded Iris - May

Petunia - annual
Sage or Salvia "Caradonna" - June to July

Clustered Bellflower or Campanula - June

Stachys macrantha "Superba" - June

Dwarf Meadow Rue or Thalictrum Kiusianum - June

Larkspur - annual self-seeding blooms in July

Sage or Salvia nemerosa "Lyrical Silversone" -July


Allium senescens "Glaucum" - September

Lobelia gerardii Vedrariensis - August-September

Plectranthus "Mona Lavender" blooms all year but heavily in the late fall and is a woody annual that 
I winter indoor

Aster Bluebird - September to October

Liriope muscari "Big Blue" - October

Liriope muscari "Variegata" - October

Beautyberry shrub or Calicarpa Dichotoma - purple berries October to November

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  1. Good heavens, Daniela, how do you manage to be sooo productive. Surely, you as busy as can be with a family and getting ready for the holidays. Yet, somehow, you find time to entertain your readership with a delightful compilation of flowers. You must have a superwoman costume stashed away somewhere!

    1. I don't know Michaele! I started adding the name of the flowers today! I inserted some missed purple blooms as well!
      Take care!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these super photos with Today's Flowers. They show a wonderful variety of lavenders and purples, such beautiful shades.

    1. I am glad that you stopped by and enjoyed my post!

  3. You must have good soil and plentiful summer water to produce such a wealth of flowers. It is such fun to photograph a particular colour range. A lovely post indeed.

    1. Hi Arija,
      We originally had very bad clay soil but we are adding compost every year now for 12 years and it is paying off. Some beds are raised and we brought good drained humus soil which allowed us to grow some of the more picky flowers. Since we have a lost of shade and part shade moisture is available where there is no competition from large trees.

  4. A beautiful journey through the various shades of purple!

  5. So many gorgeous blossoms! The irises are my favorites.

    1. Thanks Gunilla! I love Irises too! Too bad the blooms don't last long enough!

  6. Amazing variety of purple tones. The tulip with ragged edges is fascinating and adore the German bearded iris.