Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday's Favorite Flower Combination #14

Spring appears to be here in Ohio. Last week the last of the snow melted away and I had two half days in the garden with mild temperatures. In between those mild days..well you don't want to know. I've done lots of raking and leaves picking, dry grasses and perennials cutting.  The Epimedium and Hellebore foliage was cut and removed to give room to the blooms that should follow soon after. The spring bulbs were uncovered and the daffodils appear to be growing one inch a day. The tulips were covered with netting to protect from the rabbits and deer for a little bit longer until they find other sources of food.

Yesterday I focused on getting the vegetable garden ready for the cold weather crops. More on that tomorrow. I should have done this two weeks ago when we had one nice day, but instead I cleaned the beds around the patio.  It makes me feel less overwhelmed of all the garden work that spring brings along  if I clean around the patio first. This is the area of the garden that I see from inside the house the most.

The combination I picked for today I've put together three years ago and repeated every year since.  The lovely cobalt blue annual lobelia with the perennial golden creeping Jenny. I do it in one or two containers around the vegetable garden to cheer-up that area.
     Golden creeping Jenny or Lysmachia nummularia "Aurea" and Lobelia - Lobelia erinus (annual)

Isn't this lovely?

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  1. You won't get any argument from is as lovely as lovely can be.