Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chamomile girl

You may remember from a spring time post that my daughter has decided to grow chamomile from seed for her little 4 sqft garden this year.  It was a slow process like with all the seeds but we all learned new things from it.  Here is the post on seeds.

Out of the many seedlings that sprouted, Alexis planted only two plants in her bed and Nic (the other tea drinker) took the remaining ones and tucked them in a far corner of the veggie garden directly in the ground.  All plants grew large and flowered profusely.
Alexis is been picking the flowers to have them dried for tea couple of times this month.
I am very proud of my daughter. When she want something she will get it done (like her parents).  If only we can find the things that she really wants!

Picking the flowers with a friend

Why chamomile tea you wonder?  As children, we had to drink a lot of this medicinal tea during our many colds and sicknesses.  It is a very calming tea but I have to be honest, I do not like its taste much. In turn, I offered it to my children when they were babies and as they were growing for colds and stomach discomfort and
my daughter has fallen in love with the taste. She likes a little sugar added to her cup and a slice of lemon (who blames her for that?). 

For more information on why you may want to grow this wonder medicinal plant, go to this article.


  1. Warms my heart to see those two beautiful young girls so immersed in something gardening related. Kudos to you, Daniela, for creating this kind of plant and kid friendly environment . You will reap what you sow tenfold!

  2. What a lovely story this is. You have shown your daughter Alexis the enjoyment of growing and harvesting something that she likes and this will make her life better forever.