Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yellow Wax Bells

Kirengeshoma palmate  or yellow wax bells is a species of flowering plant in the family Hydrangaceae, native to Japan [1]. It is a clump-forming herbaceous perennial growing to 25 in tall by 30 in broad, with palmate leaves, and fleshy, pale yellow flowers borne on slender maroon stems in late summer. This plant is growing well for me in a shady, moist location in acidic soil.
I never see nice pictures of this plant when I google it, reason why I want to post mine.  I had this plant for about 8 years and moved it around once when it looked very sick and sad couple springs ago. 
It has beautiful large foliage all season until late summer. I like the foliage a lot.  

In this May picture you see a bluish tint to the leaves  and a lovely texture.

The blooms are delicate light yellow blooming now since beginning of September. The stems that support the blooms are too thin and long for the weight of the bloom reason why they droop or fall all the way to the ground.  In this picture, some of the weaker blooming stems are supported with green bamboo sticks that are cut not too high and not too low so they hide well inside the plant.
The mature specimen I have is quite large.  It covers some of its weaker neighbors. It completely dominated two of my highly prized Ligularia, reason why they will look for a new home this fall. I am going to try to propagate the Yellow Wax Bell plant.  If I succeed, I will follow-up with a post about the details.


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