Wednesday, July 1, 2015

End of June garden views

Some of you who follow me on Facebook know that I was away for a long three weeks in June! Away from my "little baby" that is so beautiful in June. Just knowing that I will be away from the garden at the peak time gave me an attitude! An attitude that changed many times from Oh No! (how is the garden going to survive without me?!) to I don't want to think about it! (control yourself, it will be ok) to I don't care! (you are away; there is nothing you can do) to I can't wait to see what happen in my absence! to Whew !(I am home, yey!)

The garden survived my departure and I returned to lush garden full of blooms, unfinished projects, tall towering weeds, slugs and mosquitos.  I dealt with most visible weeds in the first week and killed a lot of the arrogant fat slugs who didn't even bother to stay hidden.  Then I took pictures.

We had a record amount of rain while I was gone and daily thunderstorms after I came back.  We are exceeding the last rain record for a June month by a couple more inches of rain.  Weeding is easy but moving/splitting some plants is still hard with the soil so wet everyday.   The benefit of a lot of rain is the lush foliage, the lush hostas! 

I love this combo of foliage.
Hakonechloa Aureola, Hottuynia cordata "Chameleon" and Standard Hosta
This is a newer bed (three years) with many favorite hosta that keep their foliage nice all year.

Paul's Glory, Sum and Substance, Guaccamole, Elegans

This hosta has been in my garden for 3 years and has reached a unbelievable leaf count . A total of 5! I wonder how many years to get to 20 leaves? Pretty color and larger every year but come on!!! Grow already!
Hosta "Key West"
Another nice foliage combo is in the front of the house:
The giant blue hosta is Elegans. Behind it is Hydrangea "Incrediball".  The smaller light one is "Gold Standard". The variegated shrub is my very favorite Daphne x burkwoodii "Carol Mackie"

Hydrangea  "Incrediball"

Late blooming astilbes are now in bloom. The whites are a favorite. The last ones are too. 

Astilbe "Visions in Red"

Two kinds of campanulas are in bloom right now. This first one moves around so much that it is now behind tall echinacea and daisies. You need to know where to look to find it.
Campanula punctata "Cherry Bells" or Cherry Bellflowers

Campanula "Pink Octopus"

The last blooms of Clematis are unfolding in front of our patio.
Clematis "Marie Louise Jensen"

This clematis is just now at peak. It is a good performer but placed in a very shady corner. I wish I've placed a light color variety there.
Clematis viticella "Polish Spirit"

While we are looking at purple blooms lets take a look at purple/burgundy poppies which came-up from seed this year

Poppy Lauren's grape

This perennial got me all excited this year. Bought three years ago and hasn't bloom until I moved it to a new spot. I was hoping for larger blooms. Interesting bloom texture.

Ornamental Clover or Trifolium rubens

It is the beginning daylilies season.

I only designed two new pots this year. Not enough time for playing with pots. The tall one is not growing as was hoping. The lower one has some hope.

New petunia that I am trying this year! Cool don't you think? An almost black face .

Till next time, happy gardening!


  1. Daniela, I always have awful fears if I have to leave my garden for more than a week. Depending on the time of year, the results can be far better or worse than my fears. Last year, it was May when I went to southern Ontario (from here on southern Vancouver Island). There, it was still the end of winter and after the initial shock, I watched happily as signs of spring began to appear in my daughter's garden. I was delighted to accompany her to purchase new plants for her containers and to help her with the spring garden clean-up. Getting back home, I was overwhelmed with the abundant lush growth that had happened during my absence. All my favourites of the season, especially the Rhododendrons, Dogwood and early roses were out-doing each other, competing for attention and admiration! I had stepped back from spring into summer. Wonderful!

  2. I enjoyed your imaginary dialogue with yourself as you adjusted to being away from your garden and that feeling of "Yey" when it comes to finally being home. You were fortunate to have generous amounts of rain although the price you paid was that the weeds thrived also. Your hosta look particularly robust although that 'Key West' better get with the program and start increasing its leaf real estate is too precious to waste on a laggard. Love your two purple clematis...real stars.