Thursday, October 22, 2015

Garden Blogger Bloom's Day -October 2015

As we are cutting the garden down and pulling all the annuals I am determined to share with you the last blooms, berries, beautiful grasses and foliage of our garden. All pictures were taken on and around October 15 and my post is late..but better late than not at all.
favorite Dahlia saved and stored for two name as it came in a mixed package

Dahlia "Angels of 7A"

The cleomes are an expected presence in our Roses Bed every fall. We are taking them down now before they seed too much..yes there is such thing as too many Cleomes.

Spider flower (Cleome) - reseeds itself every year

Rosa "Sunny Knock Out®" - such easy to grow and a very long repeat bloomer

Chrysantemum "Harmony" (Dendranthema)

Sedum "Angelina" front with Sedum sieboldii (in bloom) tucked under Corydalis Lutea  - another great bloomer all year in this part shade garden
Knotweed or Persicaria virginiana "Painter's Pallette" with the very "dangerous" but pretty red seeds

Toad lily clump

Toad lily or Tricyrtis Hirta "Myiazaki" - close look

Japanese primulas are May bloomers but the younger seedlings that just grew this year are confused and give us a couple blooms in the fall.
Japanese Candelabra Primrose

Japanese Anemone or Anemone hybrida "Party Dress"

I tried this plant with limited success in the past years. I always loose it after the first or second winter. This year I found a young plant at a nursery in spring and as you can see this is no longer a seedling.  I hope that being in better soil than in previous years and having more time to establish will ensure winter survival. Chocolate leaves and shiny deep purple stems make a wonderful contrast to green foliage plants and to the white flowers it bears in September and October. Long bloomer.
Chocolate Joe Pye Weed or Eupatorium rugosum "Chocolate"
(zone: 4-8)

Virginia creeper turned red 

There are the berries and cool seeds  in the garden:
Beautyberry shrub or Callicarpa Dichotoma

Cleomes pods

and the last of the veggies picked right one time before the first frost

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  1. You have some very pretty flowers this month! I'm very impressed with that toad lily clump!

  2. Love your photography and of course the flowers too! My Callicarpa berries don't turn purple until the bush has lost a lot of leaves which turn a dull yellow/pink first.

    1. It depends on the weather. Last year it was like that for us. The berries only turned purple after the leaves were gone.

  3. Your favorite dahlia is stunning. Your garden has a diverse selection of plants and it is beautiful. Great work this season!

  4. Beautiful photos and what great color! The primula and anemone look so nice and fresh for tis time of year :)