Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do we have enough winter interest in our garden?

             I am going to share with you a few pictures I took in the last four winters and I want to ask you the following question:

Do we have enough winter interest in the garden to create a pleasing view for us and/or visitors? 

Our home in the winter

Living room outside curtains

Garden view from the garage

Garden view from the kitchen

Garden view from the main backyard path

Lots of snow here in Ohio

Kitchen window snow curtains

Laundry room curtains

Garden main path - Christmas Day 2010 

Feathery visitors - winter 2010

And more visitors -winter 2011
Daily visitor - view from the patio
Feathery visitors 2012
Climbing hydrangea or Hydrangea anomala Petiolaris


Wisteria "catching a cold"

Pinus strobus "Pendula"
Flower pot of greens for winter interest
Somewhere in this picture there are security lights under the roof

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  1. The pictures say it all...nothing boring about these winter scenes! Lots of textures, shapes, variations of colors and wildlife activity to enjoy. It's all mesmerizingly beautiful.