Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday's Favorite Flowers Combination #5

Here is a more subtle Monday flowers combination that I like as much as the bold bright ones I posted in the previous weeks.

The focus in this picture is on the front row of plants, but overall a somewhat blurry shot so here comes
take two:


Here are some individual shots of the main characters in today's play:

Decorative Onion flower or Allium Giganteum " Giant Purple"  -May

Reblooming "Bloomerang" Lilac - April to May

Leopard's Bane or Doronicum Orientale - May

A close-up on this beauty

Cornflower, Bachelor's Button or Centaurea "Montana Blue"- May 
This is the only flowering perennial we found on the property when we moved here and it is deer resistant

Dame's Rocket or Hesperis Matronale - May

Let's not forget some of the bold foliage plants  that are the fillers in this combination:
Ostrich Fern or Matteuccia struthiopteris

Hard rush blue arrows grass or Juncus inflexus

One of my favorite hosta in our garden Hosta "Sagae"

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  1. Marvelous series of flowers, thank you so much Daniela, I love your wonderful photos.