Sunday, January 26, 2014

The top 12 beauties of 2013 garden

This is the hardest thing to do! To pick only twelve favorites out of my garden! But I forced myself to do it saying, if I would move to another home and I would only be allowed to take twelve plants which ones I must take with me. Here are my 2013 picks: 

Hosta "Sagae" (zone 2-9)

Japanese painted fern or Athrium "Red Beauty" (zone 4-9)

 Hosta "Great Expectations" (zone 2-9)

Autumn Fern or Dryopteris Brilliance  - starts growing new foliage in shades of cooper (zone 5-9)

 the foliage of the Autumn fern turns green in the late season and holds its beautiful fronds for a long time

Ornamental grass, Eulalia or Miscanthus sinensis "Adagio" (zone 5-9)

Tiny pink-tinged flowers appear in tassel-like inflorescences above the foliage in late summer

Sedum rupestre "Angelina" (zone 5-8)

Corydalis lutea - blooms non-stop in my garden from May to November 9 (zone 5-7)

Hydrangea Forever and Eve® - blooms on new and old wood. The flowers last a long time and look pretty dried-up as well

Rosa Knock Out® "RADrazz" (zone 5-9)

Foxgloves or Digitalis  "Camelot Rose" - large bloom in  June and smaller ones all summer through November (zone 4-9)

Morning Widow Hardy Cranesbill or Geranium phaeum "Samobor" (zone 4-9)

Masterworth or Astrantia major (zone 4-9)

So what do you think about my twelve picks of the year? What were your favorites in 2013? Please leave comments.
I am sharing today's post with TODAY'S FLOWERS where you can see beautiful photographs of flowers from around the world. 


  1. Great choices, Daniela...I'm sure a big fan of many of your top 12 which are already residents in my garden and, from your pictures, I should get shopping for the few I don't yet have.

    1. Michelle, all are easy to grow with the exception of Digitalis that took a while to get going. I let some of the flowers go to seed and I sprinkle them in the part shade moist borders.

  2. I am an old gardener and am having to cut back, but I have at least half of your choices in my garden and couldn't agree with you more. Foxglove are one of my all-time favorites and it's one thing the deer leave alone. Also Japanese Painted Ferns are lovely in just about any spot in which you put them. I have never seen the Sanobor cranesbill and surely will be on the lookout for it -- very beautiful.

    1. I worn you that I never saw Samobor Cranesbill for sale in nurseries. Somebody gave me a tiny seedling 12 years ago and they got it from the Cleveland Botanical Garden. I do not understand why because it is so easy to grow!

  3. LUV the 'hostas'; have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  4. Your garden is an absolute picture with so many flowers and beautiful leaves.