Monday, March 30, 2015

End of March garden and TO DO list for early April

This cold is relentless! Yesterday was my first day in the garden for the 2015 season.  It was sunny but cold with too much wind for my taste.  41F would have been nice for work if you take the wind out of the equation.  There is so much to do in the garden and the spring has apparently been condensed from three months to only two. All the work I used to do in March now will have to be shoved in the month of April.
So what did I accomplished yesterday?

  • cover the tulips with birds net so they don't become breakfast for bunnies as in other years
  • cut down the old foliage of epimedium so that the new foliage doesn't get tanggled with the old and makes for a bigger chore 
  • raked and picked-up a large bag of dead leaves off the lawn by the veggie garden..barely put a dent into this kind of task.

Today the temperatures will be a similar with yesterday and something will need to be accomplished. I can't be intimidated by wind, rain or cloudy anymore! I am going all out pretending it is a lovely spring out there! There is too much to do!
We even have some snow piles left to melt! Ugh!

The list for TO DO is long:

  • spray the apple trees with dormant oil
  • pick-up old leaves off the lawn and veggie garden beds
  • cut down all heuchera and lamiastrum leaves to make room for new growth
  • cut down dead grasses and the rest of the perennials left from fall
  • cover with soil or compost the exposed roots of heaving plants i.e. foxgloves, coral bells etc
  • spray for deer
  • take cutting of forsythia to forcer indoor for Easter
  • breathe!
Witch Hazel blooming right now

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  1. If it's any consolation, Daniela, even though your picture of the space between the walkway and your house is pretty bare, I can use my memory and imagination to see it absolutely overflowing with wondrously lush plant material. Your patience and conscientious clean-up efforts will be well rewarded.