Sunday, March 23, 2014

Winter Anti-depression treatment #5

Spring is making us wait for her appearance and in the meanwhile we are stuck inside with winter temperatures for another 5 days. If you are in the same boat with me, I am offering some "sunny"  anti-depression views from our 2013 garden that all have something in common : Sundrops, Fireworks or Oenothera fructicosa are many of the names for this easy to grow, reliable (fast growing) flower in our garden.

This amazing North American native is one of the most stunning plants in the late spring garden. The hairy, woody stalk emerges in spring from winter reddish rosettes, clothed in lanceolate (narrow) green leaves and topped from mid-May thru mid-June with bright red buds that open to screaming yellow, 4-petaled flowers produced on the top half of the stem. Oenothera fruticosa spreads by underground rhizomes.  I received a start from a neighbor 15 years ago and I gave it away to another dozen new gardeners. Everybody loves it! Last year I decided that I am no longer giving this away! I am using it as a anchor plant for June in the back border so I took breaks from three of the large clumps in the border and created a forth large clump.  This spring I will repeat this.  It tolerates clay, drought, and rocky soil which is another reason to love it!
 Sundrops  with Knotweed Painter's palette or Persicaria Virginiana (zone 4-8)

Sundrops with Ligularia dentata "Desdemona" foliage and allium in the background

Oenothera fructicosa with Hard rush blue arrows or Juncus influxus, Hosta "Sagae" (zone 2-9) and Allium giganteum "Giant Purple" (zone 3-9) by the kids fountain

I hope that this lovely bright yellow sundrops and helping you put-up with this s&*#!2 weather.
I am sharing this with Floral Friday 

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  1. Bright and sunny...looks good with everything.