Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Vegetable Garden up-date

What are you eating from your garden today?

Today I had the best salad ever! The hard neck onion bulbs got buried a little too deep due to the  extra soil added in the fall and are the perfect scallions for salad with a very long white stalks.

The "French Breakfast" Radishes are ready to pick after 30 days since sowing them.  A great mild variety if picked in time.  

The Spinach leaves in the salad today are from only three plants that I left in the ground last fall and came back like small evergreen weeds early spring. These are first to the plate with large meaty deep green leaves like no other variety I tried before.

Also in the greens category we are growing several varieties of lettuce:
Mesclun (a mix of 20 herbs and greens including several lettuces)

The flavors, textures and colors of these baby salads enjoyed just minutes after they are cut is one of the best rewards of kitchen gardening. Mesclun is a cool season crop.  I started it on April 4
in a well-prepared  good garden soil 3 foot square raised bed .

Couple extra rows of Oak-leaf lettuce makes me think that we will swim in greens this summer.

In the herbs category we have a strong come-back from the mint, lovage and oregano.  Started basil, parsley and annual thyme.

In the fruit department, the blueberry bushes look very promising loaded with blooms. Bees come by! Bees come by!

The alpine strawberries started from seed last year look amazing.

And lastly, the fig tree made it to life from the cold garage. I didn't even water it for four months.
The raspberries don't look promising but maybe another year.


  1. We are getting asparagus now. I guess we will eat it every other day, at least, that is the picking schedule. probably I'll freeze some when we get tired of it so often. Even though we are also zone 5 here in Maine, we warm up later and have a shorter growing season. The salad ingredients you describe are far from picking here.

  2. Wow...your vegetable garden looks great! We have a fig tree as well that we keep overwintered in the garage. It looks about the same right now.