Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tulips time

As I mentioned yesterday, everything is happening so fast in the garden.  Today is going to be a hot day so the tulips will be forced to finish, reason why yesterday was probably the peak for these beauties.  I didn't plant a lot of them last fall but I had to since now I consider them a must presence for my mid Spring garden.

The "Roses Bed" in spring

The Peach/orange tulip is the most interesting this year.  It started as a plain yellow tulip last week.  Then one day, one flower got more peachy like in the picture bellow.

Then it got realy peachy today:
Tulip Darwin "Daydream"

Here is the second variety of Darwin Tulips that I picked for this year show.  I love how large the darwin hybrids get and the height is just perfect to hide the not so perfect roses who barely survived the harsh winter.
Tulip Darwin "Apricot Impression"

Unlike last year, this year I added some  daffodils to the border in case the colors I picked for the tulips clash together.  I wanted to create a break in the hot colors, and I am glad I did.
Daffodil "Repleate" 
But if you forgot to plant a Cool color between your Hot colors, you can always use your cat in  between to "Warm-up" the pictures you take of your Hot colored tulips.
Tulip Darwin "Apeldoorn"

Isn't Oreo a sweetie?


  1. Your tulips are just stunning, Daniela...such a joyful celebration of spring. I really like the addition of the daffodils...they contrast wonderfully with the vibrant colors of the tulips.