Thursday, May 29, 2014

Oh May! - Japanese Primroses

I don't even know where to start!  The garden looks marvelous in May! Especially at the end of May.  I can't seem to keep-up with the weeds but most beds are so grown that the weeds are not so visible.
I can probably write a post a day based on the amount of flowers blooming every day in the garden!  It is insane and gorgeous at the same time.
Lets make the focus of today's post the Japanese primroses which I started from one plant given by my neighbor and friend and a hand full of seed scattered in a moist spot eight years ago.  As long as you have continuously moist beds you can also grow these gorgeous candelabra primroses.
Primula Japonica charms all my visiting friends and gardeners with its showy pink flowers and spreading whorls of bright green, wrinkled edge foliage. It grows well in zones 4 to 9 and it will reach a mature height of 12 to 24 inches.  It is is seldom plagued by pests or disease and will live for many years if kept in suitably moist and shaded conditions.  

Primula Japonica

This spring I noticed so so many new seedlings of these primulas that I decided to build a new garden bed on a lawn spot that was always too wet to mow.  The result?  A stream of Japanese Primrose enchanting us this time of the year:

 See the stream of primulas?  And it is going to get better and better every year!

So I will wrap-up this post with this picture! My favorite garden view so far this year!

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