Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday's Favorite Flowers Combination #7

This Monday I will give you a plant combination so bright and rich in colors that is going to knock your socks off. Or so I hope.

May is the perfect month to take pictures in our garden especially if the spring season is a rainy one. The foliage is so rich in shades of green. So crunchy looking. But the flowers in this scene pop against the greens

 "Mandarin Lights" azalea  or Deciduous rhododendron and Morning Widow Hardy Cranesbill or Geranium phaeum "Samobor" (zone 4-9) are at the foreground of this picture.
Japanese candelabra primulas in shades of hot pink naturalize easily in our part shade moist border

View as you enter the gardens

Candelabra primrose or Primula Japonica (zone 4-9)

I love this picture with the Rhododendrons in bloom in the background.

Deciduous rhododendron or azalea "Mandarin Lights" (zone 3-7)

azalea close-up

Morning Widow Hardy Cranesbill or Geranium phaeum "Samobor" (zone 4-9)

View of the alley as you leave the garden. 
Since 2010 I made sure that candelabra primulas seeds and seedlings are placed in large groups at least three times on each side of the border to repeat this magnificent magenta  color over and over  again. The Orange Azalea had a rough two years in 2011 and 2012 with buds being eaten by deer and foliage eaten by some green caterpillars. It has been since relocated to a drier less crowded border at the front of the house.

So what do you think about this hot combination? Please leave me a comment if you liked it!

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  1. What a beautiful garden you have! Love your shots and can tell how much time you must spend on this.

  2. Beautiful with all the bright colours and lush greens.

  3. It is all so truly beautiful that it almost (ha, but only "almost") that my heart yearns for the whole world to be filled with such beauty.

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    1. Christian, thanks! Coming from you is a true compliment!

  5. You have such a beautiful garden! Thank you for sharing it with Today's Flowers. Would you be interested in sending me a couple of your favorite flower photos and being a Guest Friend? Details are on our home page. Thank you for considering and wishing you a great weekend.

  6. It is such a lovely garden and also the flowers is really adorable.

    Sends #flowers to the #Philippines