Wednesday, February 19, 2014

White in our garden -part 2

This post is a continuation the series of Plant Portraits by color and today you get to see part 2 of White flowering plant portraits.  To see White in our garden -part1  just click on the underlined words.  

I organized the pictures in the order the blooms come into the garden.  More May blooming beauties were left to show you, so we start with those:

Sweet woodroof or Galium Odoratum  which makes for a beautiful ground cover

Lily of the Valley or Convallaria Majalis which is a favorite of all my Romanian friends - May

Doublefile Viburnum - Viburnum plicatum tomentosum 'Mariesii' - May

Irish moss or Sagin subulata - May

Japanese candelabra primrose or Primula Japonica - May to June

Bellflower or Campanula persicifolia Takion Series - June

Kousa dogwood Cornus kousa var. chinensis Milky Way - June

Hydrangea  "Incrediball" - June to September

Foxglove or Digitalis - June

Rose Polyantha "Little Pet" - June

Astilbe - unknown variety - July

Valerian (fragrant) or Valeriana officinalis - July

Oakleaf Hydrangea - July

Astilbe Deutchland - July

Daisy or Leucanthemum superbum "Snowcap" -June to July

Oriental Lily "Casa Blanca" (fragrant) is a hardy bulb that needs to be planted in the fall or spring - July

Jasmine tree growing in a pot (fragrant) - Jasminum polyanthum blooms a couple of times a year

Orienpet lily "Pretty Woman" is another hardy bulb that can be planted fall or early spring - July

 Gooseneck loosetrife or Lysmachia clethroides
Daisies or Leucanthemum unknow variety- July

Yucca or Yucca Filamentosa- July

Daylily or Hemerocallis "Joan Senior White"

Coneflower or Echinacea unknow variety - July

Garden Phlox or Phlox paniculata "David" - August

Spider Flower of Cleome  an annual that self sows - August to October

Japanese Fall Anemone - Anemone hybrida "Honorine Jobert" with Eupatorium - September

Sweet Autumn Clematis or Clematis Terniflora - September

Boltonia asteroides var. latisquama "Snowbank" - October

Boltonia or Aster...Don't know for sure- October to November

If you enjoyed this Plant Portraits by Color please leave me a comment and I will continue the series with color Pink next Tuesday.


  1. Daniela, these two posts on all the white blooms in your garden throughout the year have been amazing. I've enjoyed them thoroughly.

    1. Thanks Michaele! It was a lot of work sorting all the pictures but it came out as I wanted it! Blue is coming up next Tuesday!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and more importantly, taking the time to identify the plants. I have found several of the ones in my yard that I couldn't name and really appreciate it!